Tourist attractions in Scotland to visit
September 28, 2018

According to a friend at who workout at Cycle Corps Fitness, Scotland is a great country to visit. There are so many things that you can do and see there. Things that you will interesting and that will let you return to Scotland again and again. The great thing about Scotland is that you will be able to take your children with you, on your trip. This is because there are many attractions that your children will enjoy with you. These are the top tourist attractions in Scotland that you can visit.

National Museum of Scotland

This museum is located in Edinburgh’s Chamber street Scotland. The museum is full of ancient artifacts, and treasure troves. You can also see the old Scotland Art galleries that are telling stories from the oldest time in Scotland. You can see the discovery of old ancients of the Egyptians.

The natural world galleries, there will tell you about the Tyrannosaurus Rex bone what they found and see more of the animal world. This is also a place where children can see the adventure gallery where the dinosaur’s bones are stacked to let you see how they might have been looked. This is only a couple of things that you can see at the National Museum of Scotland.

National war museum

This museum is about the war in Scotland 400 years ago. The war started in the 1700s. The war museums opened in 1933. The location is near the Edinburgh castle. There you can visit the Edinburgh castle where the Scotland royal family lived. The Stone of destiny where old kings desire this stone is also at this museum.

The war museum is where you can see the weapons that they used during the war, how their uniforms looked, military treasure, and the things they used in the war. The map where the war took place can also be seen there.

Stirling Castle

This castle is one of the most imported castles in Scotland. The castle abounded for many years. It was last used in 1296 during the war of Independence who was involved by Edward when Mary was queen. The location of the castle is on top of a town in Scotland.  There is a lot of history in this castle like the murder that took place at the castle. In the castle was a hidden gem found that are now at the museum.

This is one of the castles in Scotland that you should visit for sure. You will not regret this visit at all.

When you are going to Scotland, there are a couple of things that you need to do.  These three attractions are the most popular attractions that you can visit. There are many other attractions as well, that will make your visit even more interesting and fun. For sure something that you should see to have the best time with your Scottish holiday