Masai Mara Game Reserve
January 11, 2019

Masai Mara is among the most popular tourist destinations in Kenya and Africa. The reserve is in open grassland in the Great Rift Valley. Wildlife is more concentrated on the western escarpment region of the sanctuary. According to my friend at , the Mara is praised and referred to as jewel viewing area of Kenya’s wildlife. The Wildebeests’ migration is among the wonders of the world. The movement involves over one million five hundred animals. The animals arrive in July and depart in November. The reserve has recorded over ninety-five species of reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. It also has over four thousand bird species that are on record.

It is the place that has an abundance of wildlife within Africa, and that is why its hard for any tourist to miss the big five. The big five include the elephant, rhino, buffalo and the elephant.

Mara Triangle

Climatic Conditions

The area has an altitude of five thousand three hundred feet. The rainy season starts in November up to May. Peak rainfall is experienced in two seasons annually. The first one is December to January and the second one in April to May. The dry season, which is the best time to explore, is June to November. During the dry season, the mornings are sunny and the afternoon has a wave of clouds. During the rainy season, the shadows change; and thunderstorms experienced in the afternoons. The temperatures rise to a maximum of thirty degrees Celsius and reduce to around twenty degrees Celsius


The Masai Mara is the world’s finest wildlife attraction. There is always a chance that you will see the big five the hyena, cheetah, battered foxes, hippo, baboons, zebra, warthog, serval, Thompson’s gazelle, eland, Oribi, impala, waterbuck, crocodile, and grants gazelle among others. The wild beest’s migration takes place from July to November, when they move in and out in large numbers.


The Triangle in Mara services by two airstrips that is all weather. The strips are Kichwa Tembo and Mara Serena. The triangle is accessible through the main road through Sekanani gate and Narok town.


There are only two hotels that are within the triangle. The Mara Serena that has a bed capacity of one hundred and fifty with lavish bedding and pillows and the Little Governors that has a bed capacity of thirty-six beds. Other lodges include,  Kichwa Tembo, Olonana, Kilima camp, Mara Siria and Mpata Club, are in the periphery and are accessed through the triangle.


The activities that you can explore are so many. They include ballooning, game viewing; game drives at night, bush dinner and a visit to the villages of the Masai culture. It is also a wedding destination because it is a beautiful place for wedding photographs because there are many scenes to use with the clients.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is when the wildebeests are migrating from July to October. The best time to go for game viewing is early November up to February. If you plan your holiday to coincide with any of these, you will have a fulfilling vacation.


The Masai Mara Game reserve is the best place to visit while in Kenya to view wildlife. The sanctuary remains the best in Kenya and receives a lot of tourists all year round.